Amsteldijk by Kevin Veenhuizen Architects

A view of the kitchen interior from the living room by Kevin Veenhuizen Architects.

Architect: Kevin Veenhuizen Architects

Type: Residential renovation

Year: 2016 (completed)

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Program: Kitchen and bathroom

?Area: 86 m2

Client: Private

Photos: Imke Ligthart

This apartment was originally divided into several confined spaces. The task at hand was to create an open apartment, with much daylight and a central kitchen.

“The kitchen is located in the heart of the apartment and becomes the link between the different spaces. Due to the smart change of the floor plan, the apartment looks a lot bigger than before.

At the same time, you clearly see that the old atmosphere has not been lost. For example, note the beautiful original doors that have been reused. Old and new come together in a very pleasant way.’’

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